Beginners Daily Yoga Sue FullerThe Physical Benefits of Yoga – Sue Fuller 

The more yoga you do, the more layered the subject becomes and the more the benefits reveal themselves to you.  Yoga is a never-ending journey.   

Amongst many things yoga encourages physical health.  The healthy functioning of the physical body has a huge knock on effect, life becomes easier, less stressful and general health and happiness are experienced.  Healthier lifestyles and choices are usually adopted. 

Yoga works the body from the inside out; cleansing and toning internal organs, stimulating neurological pathways, increasing the lung capacity, improving circulation, increasing muscle tone and flexibility, promoting a greater range of movement and bringing stillness to the mind.  Yoga increases body awareness this helps practitioners identify any ailments, needs or requirements.  

Yoga reduces stress and tension in the body, which can greatly reduce the risk of any stress related illnesses.  Yoga also promotes a healthy sleep pattern and stimulates, stretches, tones and massages the internal organs, enhancing all bodily functions.   

Yoga will help correct any postural imbalances; this alone will help improve many of the body’s functions. For example, slouching restricts the abdomen area and in turn restricts the organs of digestion, by standing and sitting up straight these organs have room to function more efficiently.  The elimination process is enhanced, helping to correct ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome and constipation.  

Keeping the body mobile can help slow down the aging process, one sign of old age is a lack of flexibility, maintaining the body’s agility will induce correct alignment and help combat joint stiffness.   

As well as increasing muscular strength and flexibility, balance is brought to both body and mind, circulation is improved, the metabolic rate increases, the immune system becomes more efficient, and the functions of the endocrine system (responsible for secreting and controlling hormone levels) improves.   

Pranayamas for Beginners by Sue FullerThe regular practice of pranayamas will help to maintain youthful lungs.  Over time, the lungs gradually reduce in elasticity, which means our oxygen intake lowers; by using the lungs to their full capacity we can help slow this process down.  

These are just some of the effects that practicing yoga can have on the physical body.   

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