Sukhasana - The Easy PoseSukhasana - The Easy Pose by Sue Fuller

This posture is perfect for alignment and helping to establish and maintain a straight spine whilst seated. 

This is a great posture for meditation, relaxation and pranayama practice.  It is also perfect for beginners.  It is usually practised at the beginning of a class whilst establishing a smooth steady flow of breath.

Sit with your ankles crossed whilst resting the backs of the wrists on the knees.  Take your time to lengthen your spine and lift the lower abdominal muscles. Feel that you are growing out of the crown of your head, broaden the upper back and release the shoulders away from the ears.

Breathe slowly in and out through the nose, making each breath last for approximately the same duration. Focus on the movement through the rib cage as you breathe in and out.  Try to maintain full awareness on your breath and alignment for 10 breath cycles then change the way the legs are crossed and repeat another 10 breath cycles.

The Easy Pose can be quite deceiving, it might appear that you are just sitting still with the ankles crossed; however the muscles of the back and torso are active to help you maintain a straight spine. 

Sitting with a straight spine aids digestion.  When slouching the digestive organs can become restricted and therefore unable to function efficiently, by making small changes to your posture and alignment you can enhance digestion.

This posture is featured in some of the classes from the Beginners section.

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