Stop Smoking and Breathe by Sue FullerStop Smoking with Yoga by Sue Fuller

Practising yoga regularly helps to eliminate cravings.  This is why yoga is a useful and cheap tool to help you quit smoking.

Yoga has many positive benefits, through a regular yoga practice we get to connect with ourselves on a deep level.  This encourages us to quit bad or unhealthy habits and make healthier lifestyle choices.

Yoga reduces stress, enhances relaxation, helps to clear and focus the mind and removes toxins.  

When yoga techniques are practiced regularly practitioners find that they unconsciously begin to make lifestyle changes. 

Yoga has the ability to help balance both body and mind.  When the body functions more efficiently cravings for nicotine will reduce and eating habits begin to change.  Yoga practitioners become in tune with their body and can identify their needs and requirements.  Anything that is not required for the better health of body mind will no longer be desired. 

By engaging in an achievable yoga practice, that includes breathing and relaxation techniques and simple postures can help combat addiction and eliminate the cravings for nicotine, making it possible with the necessary motivation and will power to quit smoking.

Begin with basic yoga practices that are achievable, start with Gentle or beginner Yoga classes, so that you can comfortably follow the class and keep your mind engaged with each activity.  If your mind wanders return your focus to your breath and your alignment. 

Yoga also increases mindfulness, being mindful will help you make wise choices.

Learn a few basic pranayamas (breathing techniques). Pranayamas teach you how to control the breath and how to use the breath to release stress or tension.  By learning to control the breath, the first step has been taken towards taking control of your life and making a positive change to enable you to stop smoking forever. 

Breathing is rarely something that we try to change, it is just something that happens, taking control of the breath and practicing pranayamas regularly will help to break the mental addiction to nicotine and put you in control.  It also provides simple techniques that can be performed discreetly when a craving is experienced.  In addition pranayamas help to cleanse the lungs, increase oxygen levels and improve the overall levels of health and vitality.  

A regular yoga practice that includes pranayamas will help you develop the necessary will-power to succeed.

Yoga pranayamas and asanas will support your journey and help you develop the confidence and tools to stop smoking.

Stop Smoking and Breathe is an audio class available on both CD and MP3.  It has been created by Sue Fuller for the Yoga 2 Hear range of audio yoga classes.  Stop smoking and breathe will guide you through four different pranayamas (breathing techniques) visit or to find out more and take your first steps towards stopping smoking today.

NB To succeed, you must really want to stop smoking.   Yoga practices will help keep your mind clear and focussed on your goal.