Prenatal Relaxations Audio Yoga ClassPrenatal Relaxation by Sue Fuller

During pregnancy it is vital that you take time to relax.  Learning some basic relaxation techniques will prove to be beneficial and very useful not only during your pregnancy, but during labour and as a parent too.  

Putting aside 15 minutes a day for relaxation is an achievable goal which could turn out to be the best 15 minutes of your day.  During relaxation it is possible to clear and focus the mind and connect with your baby enabling you to start forming a bond with them.

There are times during your pregnancy when you feel that your mind is constantly busy thinking, planning and preparing, this can for some be a little overwhelming. 

Try to take time to relax during your pregnancy; these moments will become very beneficial. 

You might find that if you form a positive habit now or regularly relaxing that this will continue when the baby arrives; which will bring a whole new set of benefits to you and your family.

Following a guided relaxation or learning some simple meditation techniques is a great starting place.

Flapping Fish Prenatal Yoga PostureHere are a few relaxation techniques to try at home….

This can be followed whilst in the flapping fish position.  This posture is very similar to a recovery position.  Lay on your left hand side, with your left arm extended and your right arm bent in front of you to provide support and stability.  Bend your right knee and position it in front of your left leg.

In your mind visualise different body parts whilst directing your attention to that area and ask the area to relax.  In your mind name each body part three times. 

For example think about your right foot in your mind say to yourself, relax the right foot, then say to yourself, feel the right foot relaxing and finally, say the right foot is relaxed.  Start at your feet and visualise each body part in a natural sequence, moving from your feet to your calves then to your knees and thighs etc. Finish by visualising for the whole body and asking the whole body to relax.

Another great way to relax is to just lie in the Flapping fish position and breathe slowly in and out through your nose.  Feel yourself becoming heavier each time that you exhale.

Prenatal Yoga Class by Sue FullerSue Fuller is a leading yoga teacher with a range of over 40 audio yoga classes, including a selection of pre and post natal Yoga classes.  All yoga classes are available on CD or as a MP3 download from  or from   Classes are easy-to-follow and suitable for all levels of yoga experience.

Sue is also the author of The British School of Yoga Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teachers Course, The resident yoga expert for Natural Health Magazine UK, a regular columnist for the Yoga Magazine and a mother of two.