Pelvic Pain – 2 Easy Moves to Help by Sue Fuller.

The muscles of the pelvis can become challenged as the body changes shape.  Performing these two simple moves can help to keep the muscles of the pelvis strong to support the coming changes.

The Mountain - Prenatal Yoga PostureThe Mountain (standing)

This yoga posture is extremely simple to do, it can be done anywhere.  In fact whenever you find yourself standing you can think about your alignment and perform this posture.

Stand with your feet directly under your pelvis, distribute your weight evenly through the soles of your feet and make sure that your second toe is pointing straight forward.

Take a moment to feel that your weight is even through your pelvis and that you are not standing with more weight on one leg.  This is very common to favour one leg, doing so can cause unnecessary strain to the pelvis and lower back.

Feel that all of your weight is distributed evenly, allow the lower back to relax, the lower tummy muscles to lift and the shoulders to broaden and relax away from your ears.

As you stand draw up your pelvic floor muscles and then relax them, repeat these pelvic floor lifts for as many times as you like.

Each time you find yourself standing check your alignment and don’t forget to work your pelvic floor.



Seated Knee Squeezes - Prenatal YogaSeated Knee Squeezes

This is another great move that you can do at any time during the day whenever you find yourself seated.

Sit on a firm chair, with your hips a little higher than your knees, place both feet to the floor keeping them hip distance apart.  Distribute your weight evenly through the soles of your feet.  Make sure that you are sitting up tall. Place your hands palm down onto your thighs and now move your palms to your inner thighs.  With your hands push lightly against your inner thighs as you do this try to squeeze your knees together, hold for a couple of seconds and then relax.  Repeat this for ten or more times, then rest and repeat another ten times.  Aim for three sets whenever you find yourself sitting.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, make sure that you talk to your midwife before beginning any new exercise routines.

Prenatal Relaxations Audio Yoga ClassTake time to relax during your pregnancy, not only does this help to clear and focus the mind but it also helps to remove tension stored within the body.

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