Natarajasana - Dancer by Sue Fuller

Natarajasana - The Dancer PoseThis posture will improve overall balance, strengthen the legs and the core whilst improving the agility of the spine and hip flexors.

Natarajasana is also known as the king dancers pose it symbolises an ancient dance of Siva.  This posture when practiced regularly encourages, grace, strength and openness.  It is regarded not only as a balancing pose but it is also a strong heart opener.

Begin standing transfer all of your weight onto the right foot.  Make sure that your weight is distributed evenly through the sole of the right foot.  Bend your left knee bringing the left heel in towards your bottom.  Hold on the inside of either the ankle or the foot.  Reach the right arm up.

Keeping hold of the left foot lift the left leg behind you, lift the leg as high as you can without tipping forward first, then you can begin to allow the leg to lift a little higher as you take the upper body forward moving like a seesaw.  As your leg lifts your torso moves forward.

Only move the torso forward if your balance feels steady.

Hold for five complete breaths through the nose before moving to the other side.

Sue Fuller is a leading yoga teacher and writer.  She has written three training courses for The British School of Yoga and is a regular columnist for Natural Health and the Yoga Magazine.  Sue is also the creator of the Yoga 2 Hear range of audio yoga classes.  Yoga 2 Hear has an extensive range of over 60 different yoga classes for all levels and requirements.  Audio Yoga classes allow you to practice yoga at a time and place that suits you without any visual distractions.