Keeping Youthful with Yoga by Sue Fuller

As time passes ageing is only to be expected.  Yoga when practiced mindfully is an inexpensive way to help keep both body and mind youthful. 

Yoga increases that “feel good feeling” this in itself will encourage feelings of youthfulness and vitality.

Anti- ageing products and services create a global industry which is currently valued at an estimated $261.9 billion. 

Rolling out your yoga mat regularly is an economical and realistic solution to help minimise and slow down some of the many signs of ageing.

Yoga Postures (asanas) - will combat some of the physical effects of ageing internally and externally.  Yoga postures improve muscle tone, strength, flexibility, posture and circulation.  They also encourage the internal organs and systems to function efficiently raising levels of health and vitality. 

Breathing Techniques (pranayamas) – will keep the lungs youthful.  Over time the lungs loose a little elasticity this reduces their capacity and means that less oxygen is received by the body.  By practicing pranayamas and establishing a sound breathing technique the lungs remain strong, flexible and healthy. 

Relaxation - learning to relax helps to remove physical and emotional tension.  Regular relaxation techniques will clear and focus the mind and enhance sleep patterns and quality of sleep.  A good night’s sleep is vital for maintaining that youthful feeling and combating some of the signs of ageing.  It relaxes body and mind and provides the time and space for deep rejuvenation.

Meditationwill help the mind remain clear, focussed and sharp and encourage a positive outlook.   Being positive helps eliminate worry and other negative emotions which play a big part in the ageing process.

Yoga for Compassion by Sue FullerCompassionyoga and meditation practices promote and cultivate compassion, studies recently have revealed thatpeople who practice compassion produce 100% more DHEA, a hormone that counteracts the ageing process, and 23% less cortisol — the “stress hormone”. 

Yoga makes us feel good and raises confidence levels, this radiates through our entire being naturally, making us look and feel younger for longer.

Take time to relax. 

Sue Fuller is a leading yoga teacher and course author.  She is a regular columnist for the Yoga Magazine and Natural Health.  Sue is the creator of the Yoga 2 Hear range of audio yoga classes.  The range contains over 60 different yoga classes for all levels and abilities.