Easy Everyday Pranayamas by Sue FullerHow Pranayamas and Meditation can Lower Stress Levels by Sue Fuller

High levels of stress can be detrimental to our health and wellbeing.  Pranayamas and Meditation play a vital role in keeping stress at a healthy level.

How do Pranayamas reduce stress levels?

Pranayamas can greatly help induce a state of deep relaxation. 

When we inhale we stimulate the sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for the “fight or flight response” this brings an energising effect to both body and mind.  The exhalation stimulates the parasympathetic part of the nervous system which is responsible for telling the muscles to relax, lowering your heart rate and blood pressure and helping you sleep better.

To stimulate the relaxation response and lower stress levels, breathe slowly and completely through your nose and work to slowly lengthen your exhalation

Easy Everyday Meditations by Sue FullerHow will Meditation help lower my stress levels?

Spending a few minutes in meditation will relax and calm the mind bringing peace and clarity.

Meditation will also activate the relaxation response.

And meditation increases mindfulness, which helps us to recognize unhelpful patterns of thought that could trigger the stress response.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found that meditating for 25 minutes for three days can significantly lower stress and boost the ability to endure stress.

How can Yoga Philosophy help reduce my stress levels?

Meditating on the Vayus by Sue FullerAmongst many things yogic philosophy teaches that nothing is permanent.  There is a constant rise and fall of energy, emotion and action.  No one can control 100% what’s going to happen.  When we realize and acknowledge this and accept that we can’t control the future and that everything is constantly changing it can remove some pressure, this also may help to lower stress levels.

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