EyeYoga for Healthy Eyes by Sue Fuller

How often do you perform a few simple eye exercises to help maintain the health of your eyes?

It always seems so natural to begin an exercise routine to increase physical health and wellbeing.  Or when the mind becomes over active or stressed we might consider practicing a few relaxation techniques.  But how many times do we apply the same, to the health of our eyes? 

Overtime the muscles of the eye and around the eye (like all muscles) lose a little elasticity and strength.  Some of these muscles are required to help the eye focus.  When the muscles around the eyes become tight this could encourage headaches and might increase fine lines around the eyes.

Taking the time to perform a few simple eye yoga exercises is an ideal way to relax and refresh the eyes and strengthen the surrounding muscles.  Strong, relaxed eyes improve visual concentration and prevent tiredness, headaches and eyestrain.  If the eyes are not strong and relaxed, eyestrain can be experienced after even short periods of time spent looking at a computer screen or reading.

Eye Yoga by Sue FullerEye yoga exercises are simple and as well as strengthening the muscles of the eye they also help induce a state of deep relaxation.  You do not need any yoga experience to perform eye yoga exercises. 

Eye Yoga exercises use the muscles of the eyes to move the eyes rhythmically coordinating the movement with the breath.  They are very easy to do.

Sue Fuller is a leading yoga teacher with a range of over 60 audio yoga classes, including Eye Yoga.  Eye Yoga is available as an MP3 or CD it contains two twenty minute eye yoga classes.