Prenatal Yoga Class by Sue FullerEnhance your Pregnancy with Yoga by Sue Fuller

A gentle yoga practice can provide some useful tools to enhance your pregnancy, helping you to remain balanced as the body experiences the different physical and emotional changes.

Being pregnant is a magical time loaded with many changes both physically and emotionally. For some these changes have few side effects whilst others might experience some anxiety or even discomfort as the body grows and different hormones are released.  Many mothers will experience an overwhelming sense of protection for the new life that they have created and again for some this can bring anxiety and fear as well as deep feelings of love and joy.

All emotions that are experienced during pregnancy are totally natural, we also must realise that every pregnancy and everyone is different.  However, if at any point you are concerned it is important that you seek professional advice immediately.

Some form of yoga is suitable for everyone, not all yoga techniques are physically demanding or require extreme levels of flexibility.  Yoga practices include laying or sitting breathing slowly whilst focussing on the correct alignment of the spine.  These are valuable practices as they help to protect the lower back during pregnancy and the breathing will help reduce stress and clear and focus the mind too. 

Practicing yoga postures during your pregnancy can help prepare the body for labour by keeping required muscles strong and flexible.  It will also help the body recover and restore shape after the baby has arrived.

Yoga breathing exercises known as pranayamas will increase oxygen levels, aid relaxation, reduce stress and can be used to help manage any pain experienced during labour.

Yoga relaxation techniques will help you achieve a good nights sleep and provide a time and space to clear and focus the mind.

Practicing yoga will help to eliminate stress and tension, increase circulation and banish some minor aches and pains.  It also encourages mindful movement and helps balance emotions; both are great skills to possess to help you embrace your pregnancy and prepare your body and mind for birth and beyond

During pregnancy it is important that you only perform yoga postures or techniques that feel comfortable for you.  Avoid all inversions, deep twists, breath retentions, laying on your tummy, back bends and anything that brings discomfort. There are lots of yoga techniques that will provide benefit without stress or restricting the abdomen that are safe to perform during pregnancy and will enrich your experience.  Family, friends and partners will also benefit from joining you in a prenatal yoga practice.

If any pain or discomfort is experienced whilst practicing yoga then the yoga practice should be ceased and relaxation and breathing techniques should be focussed on.  Listen to your body and make sure that you practice mindfully.

Prenatal Relaxations Audio Yoga ClassSue Fuller is a leading yoga teacher and writer.  She is also a mother of two and practiced yoga throughout her pregnancies.  Sue is the author of The British School of Yoga’s Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teachers course and the founder of Wellbeing World Online and Yoga 2 Hear.  She has created over 40 audio yoga classes, including a Prenatal Yoga Class, Pre Natal Relaxation and a Post Natal Yoga Class available on CD with low cost world- wide delivery or as an instant MP3 download.