Deepening your Yoga Practice through Stillness by Sue Fuller

Man MeditatingIt is so wonderful that yoga allows us to move in so many different ways.  Have you ever considered that by being still you could actually deepen your yoga practice?

There are those times when all the body and mind really want from a yoga practise is to feel physically challenged and this is fine.  Every time we come to our yoga mats we bring something new, new knowledge a different experience, a situation that we are dealing with, life is constantly changing and some changes will drive our yoga practise in different directions.

Whatever you are bringing to your mat right now, whatever you are hoping to achieve from your yoga practise is fine, but from time to time it is worth revisiting some relatively simple postures with the intention of discovering a new sensation and a different set of benefits.  Doing so might deepen your yoga practise and awareness for all future yoga practices.

By holding simple postures we are able to take our time to really explore the postures and experience them on a deeper level.  This will provide a time and space to help establish correct alignment in basic postures which will carry through into the more advanced postures and will make them much easier to perform.

Moving slowly and mindfully allows us to experience a multitude of sensations that each posture brings, we can connect with the posture on a deeper level and notice how the breath assists with alignment and focus.

The word yoga means to yoke, amongst many things the practice of yoga is the coming together and joining of the physical, emotional, energetic and breath. 

To keep to the true essence of yoga it is important to try to clear and focus the mind prior to your practice either in Savasana (the lying down corpse position) or Sukhasana (the easy pose sitting with the ankles crossed).  By emptying the mind prior to practising yoga it is possible to move deeper into your practice as you are able to focus on what you are doing with your body, your alignment and any physical sensations experienced. 

Yoga can act as a preventative therapy, by engaging your mind fully on the activity that you are performing and noticing different sensations that you are experiencing you will become aware of physical weaknesses, imbalances, areas of tension and aches and pains.  With a clear and focussed mind you can take notice of such sensations. 

It is also important that you listen to your body and mind as each day is different.  Sometimes a restless or an agitated mind will make it hard to perform slow postures; this is when taking the time to prepare prior to practice will really pay off.  Every so often take the time to move slowly through a Gentle, Beginners or Improvers class with a clear mind, exploring and observing different sensations as you hold the postures.  Even when it comes to Vinyasas (flowing sequences) start slowly and link basic postures together first. 

Solid foundations will make for a stronger practice and an injury free body.

Here is something to consider why not plan to make ever 6th home practise a little stiller and be sure to include plenty of foundational yoga postures and techniques?

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