Brahmari Pranayama - The Buzzing Bee BreathBrahmari Pranayama - The Buzzing Bee Breath by Sue Fuller

Brahmari also known as the buzzing bee breath due to the sound created is a wonderful pranayama that is able to calm the mind and raise positivity.

As this pranayama involves humming it often produces plenty of good feelings, lifting moods and enhancing positivity.  This is because we rarely hum when we are feeling down and humming is usually associated with happy thoughts.

Brahmari also helps relieve stress and reduce anxiety. It promotes a healthy night’s sleep, helps to lower the blood pressure and could aid a sore throat.

Pranayamas for Beginners by Sue FullerSit in any comfortable position with a straight spine.  Lightly close your eyes and start by establishing a sound breathing technique.  Breathing slowly in and out through your nose, continue with this technique.

Rest the backs of the hands onto the knees or thighs with the palms facing up.

When you are ready to begin the technique, inhale and keep the hands where they are.  As you exhale lift the hands and lightly plug your ears with your index finger.  Do this by pushing gently on the flap of gristly skin at the front of the ear known as the tragus.  Make sure that your elbows are lifted and out to the sides.  Let the exhalation go with a long slow hum.

It is this hum that gives this pranayama its name.

This pranayama is not to be executed whilst lying down.

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