Bhoochari Mudra – Gazing into NothingBhoochari Mudra – Gazing into Nothing by Sue Fuller

This technique is easy to do and will improve concentration and help clear and focus the mind.

Begin sitting in a firm chair with a straight spine and both feet firmly on the floor.  Or you may sit in any comfortable meditation posture such as Sukhasana (the easy pose) or Padmasana (lotus position).

Breathe slowly in and out through the nose.  Establish a smooth steady flow of breath breathing completely and fully. After 20 breaths lift one hand and position the thumb gently against the upper lip with the palm down and the elbow pointing out to the side. 

Now open your eyes and direct the gaze to the little finger.  Try not to blink as you hold for a minute and continue to breathe slowly through your nose.  Then lower the arm and continue to direct the gaze on the empty space created by lowering the arm (the point of original focus).  Again try and not blink whilst maintaining this for five minutes.

When you have finished lower your arm and lightly close your eyes and continue to breathe slowly until you feel ready to bring the practise to a finish.

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