Mindfulness for the beginner CDAbsolute Beginners Guide to Mindfulness by Sue Fuller

Mindfulness is easy to do; it can be practiced by anyone.  There are no requirements and the benefits are huge.

This is probably why more and more people are turning to the simple practice of Mindfulness to enjoy a happier and healthier life.  It is a great system that will encourage and form new habits that help everyone completely engage in the present moment. 

Mindfulness is a proven stress reliever. 

There is nothing complex or complicated about mindfulness.  All mindfulness is, is paying complete attention to what we are doing moment by moment.

Modern day life can be busy.  Quite often the mind wanders to planning for the future or remembering a past event and not really appreciating or connecting with the current moment in time.  This lack of attention could mean that we are missing out and not truly engaging in what is happening.  To fully enjoy and appreciate this present moment in time it is best to be actively engaged with it.

Gentle Yoga for Mindfulness CDThis is what mindfulness is all about being 100% present and aware of the current moment in time.  Mindfulness teaches us to accept that these different feelings, thoughts and emotions exist and encourages us to acknowledge them and then to let them pass.  Learning to do this brings so many benefits to both ourselves and all those we connect with regularly.  It will increase our focus and enhance our performances, strengthen our relationships with friends and family and helps to develop mental clarity.

When practicing mindfulness not only are we to be aware of this moment in time but it is also very important that we abstain from passing judgment.  As soon as we judge a situation, person, sensation, thought or place we are opening up a whole new thought process around it, which once again will separate us from the current moment that we are experiencing.

Sue Fuller is a leading yoga teacher and writer.  She has been practicing yoga for over twenty years.  Sue is the creator of the Yoga 2 Hear range of audio yoga classes and also the following audio books:-  Easy Everyday Mindfulness, Mindfulness for Absolute Beginner and Gentle Yoga for Mindfulness