Prenatal Yoga Class by Sue FullerA Yoga Technique to Help Manage Morning Sickness by Sue Fuller 

Being pregnant is wonderful, those first few months of pregnancy can be a little challenging if you are experiencing morning sickness.  A simple yoga breathing exercise could help. 

Before you get out of bed try lying on your left hand side in position similar to the recovery position and breathe slowly through your nose.  Focus on a smooth steady flow of breath.  Once you have this under control carefully sit up and try the following breathing technique or pranayama called Sheetali which is also known as the Cooling Breath. 

Sheetali or the Cooling Breath helps to clear and focus the mind, lower the body temperature and reduce feelings of nausea. 

This breathing technique can also be performed during the first stage of labour to help manage pain naturally and increase energy levels. 

Sheetali - the cooling breath 

Begin sitting in comfortable position with a straight back.  Breathe slowly in and out through your nose.   

When you feel ready, extend your tongue and curl up the edges, now slowly inhale through your mouth drawing the breath along the tongue.   

Exhale through your nose as you do so retract your tongue close your mouth. Continue with this technique (extending the tongue and curling up the edges for each inhalation and exhaling with a closed mouth through the nose) for up to five minutes ensuring that you breathe slowly.  

If you are unable to curl the edges of the tongue try making an ‘O’ shape with the mouth as you inhale through your mouth and then close your mouth and exhale through your nose.  

As you practise this breathing technique you will notice that the inside of your mouth will feel cool this provides a focus and will help eliminate the feelings of nausea.

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