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Welcome to Yoga 2 Hear. Sue Fuller

Hi, I'm Sue Fuller, creator of the Yoga 2 Hear classes. With my range of easy-to-follow instructional MP3 downloads and CD's you can easily improve your health and vitality in your own space and time. In each class I guide you through the postures and techniques 1 to 1 using clear instruction combined with really, really subtle background music that promotes a state of relaxed, effortless concentration.

My CDs and downloads are not recordings of group yoga classes like many found on the web. All classes are specifically devised by me for the audio format and I use clear, easy-to-follow instruction, in plain English, to provide high quality tuition that can be used again and again. 

Each class is recorded and produced to the highest standards in a professional sound studio and before release it is tried and tested to ensure it's easy to use and effective.  

I want you to achieve the maximum benefits from my classes so I back them up with free online help and support and I include a free guide book packed with photographs and information to help get you started. If you would like to ask my advice about which classes would be best for you before you buy, just ask, I'm here to help now and in the future.

I know you will enjoy the Yoga 2 Hear classes I'm so proud to offer.


Yoga 2 Hear - A Breif History.

 Yoga 2 Hear was born 2005 when I decided to begin work on a series of audio yoga classes that would be effective, easy-to-use and practical and bring the many benefits of yoga to a wider audience. I wanted the classes to be based on clear, easy-to-follow descriptive tuition that would allow both a complete beginner and an experienced practitioner to learn something new and be able to really focus on how their body felt within each posture or technique. 

I had previously devised and presented a number of yoga DVD's and was now keen to move onto audio classes. I knew they could be more effective than DVD as there is no need to look at a screen whilst in a posture. As as a result of this the user would perform the postures correctly, experiencing better alignment and greater benefits. They would also be able to be more mindful during the session which greatly increases the effects of a practice. Audio classes would also be more practical as they are totally portable making them great for holidays, business trips and home practice.

So began a two year process of devising, recording and testing methods of tuition. Once I was decided on content for the classes I would try it out in classes by asking students to close their eyes and follow only my voice. Seeing the ways in which different people interprited the instruction was invaluable and really helped to refine my method of audio tuition. I then began to record the first classes with the help of my husband Greg, a sound technician, in our own sound studio. Once recorded I sent classes out to a wide range of people with various levels of yoga experience for them to test.  Many commented on how engaging and personal they found the classes and all found them to be really effective and enjoyable. 

Late in 2007 I launched Yoga 2 Hear with a range of 6 classes. Word soon spread and I was delighted with the response from customers and the media. Over the years since the business has been blessed with many, many loyal customers and Yoga 2 Hear has flourished. I have continued to study yoga, teach yoga and deepen my knowledge. I have now devised and recorded more than 100 Yoga 2 Hear classes, all of which are available on this site. A number of the classes are also available through leading audio book sellers and a selection can be found as part of the inflight entertainment on the worlds twelve biggest international airlines. 

I always have new classes in production and will continue to expand the Yoga 2 Hear range for my existing loyal customers and those of all ages and abilities who discover Yoga 2 Hear and wish to enhance their health and well-being. 

I operate Yoga 2 Hear as a yogic business founded on the principles of honesty, thoughtfulness and great customer service. I hope you enjoy using this site and the audio classes I am so proud of. 

Why choose my Yoga 2 Hear classes?

Free Help and Advice

I see all Yoga 2 Hear customers as my students. If you have a question all you have to do is ask..I'm here to offer help and advice for you.  


I devise and instruct all of my classes specifically as audio sessions. Each class is recorded, edited and mixed with subtle music in a professional recording studio.  Once the production process is complete the class is tried and tested before being released. I aim is to make each class the next best thing to being there in the room with you 1 to 1. For those who prefer a visual reference I include a free guide book with each class.  The guide is packed with photos of the postures, exercises or techniques instructed in the class and includes hints, tips and support information.


Just listening allows you to close your eyes, internalise your focus and go deeper within making your session more effective. This is further enhanced by my easy to follow tuition which requires little thought, so again, you can focus deeper on your body and mind and how it is at that moment. 


My classes always fit your timetable wherever you are. You can practice in the comfort of your own home, on the deck, in the garden, at the park, on the beach, the list is endless.  Your classes, your way, what could be better! 


Variety is the spice of life. The Yoga 2 Hear range continues to grow with more and more classes for all levels of experience and ability.  


If you buy more that one item during a visit you can take advantage of our multiple item discounts, the more items you buy the more you save!

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Once you have your Yoga 2 Hear classes you can use them again and again, at anytime and in any location. If for any reason you loose your downloads just log onto your Yoga 2 Hear Library page and simply download your classes again...it's free and always will be.



Yoga 2 Hear has a sister site WellbeingWorldOnline.com WellbeingWorldOnline.com  

I launched Wellbeing World Online.com in 2012 to bring the knowledge of a wide range of well-being practitioners to a global audience. The site expands on the foundations created by Yoga 2 Hear and offers high quality guided audio downloads and CD's in many styles of Yoga and Meditation as well as Pilates, Sound Healing, Relaxation, Music and much, much more. 

Wellbeing World offer a full development, production, editing, artwork and global distribution services to teachers,authors, pactitioners, businesses and training organizations, etc, within broad areas of well-being who wish to reach a worldwide market with their knowledge, raise their profile and generate income for many years to come through the sales of the audio books and guided sessions we create together. more info  


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