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Sue FullerSue has become a leading teacher of both Hatha and Sivananda yoga. She initially trained with the Sivananda Organization in Neyyar Dam, India and has since also studied yoga in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.  She is a fully qualified Vegetarian and Vegan Nutritional Therapist and has extensively researched yoga and yoga related topics linked to her teaching, writing and presenting. 

Sue has taught yoga, lead workshops and held teacher training courses in many countries since 1995.  During this time she has taught many people from different backgrounds who have attended her classes for both physical and emotional reasons.  She has taught yoga to many professional sports men and women including Skiers, Snowboarders, Climbers, Cyclists and Surfers. Sue has drawn upon her vast experience to ensure that all Yoga 2 Hear classes are as appropriate, achievable and effective as possible.  

In addition to her yoga teaching Sue is the resident yoga expert for Natural Health magazine, a regular writer for The Yoga Magazine and many other lifestyle publications and websites.  Sue is also the author of three of The British School of Yoga's courses. These are Yoga for a Healthy Pregnancy, The Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Course and The Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course. 

Sue has previously devised and presented nine yoga DVD’s that are sold by major retailers around the world.  Although yoga DVD's are popular, Sue realised that well structured audio yoga classes would be far more effective as they allow the user to focus 100% on the yoga practice without the distraction of having to watch a screen. 

Sue says, "It took over 2 years to devise, test and record the first Yoga 2 Hear classes.  I really enjoyed the process of developing and refining a simple, descriptive method of teaching yoga postures and related techniques.  I believe the easy-to-follow tuition makes my Yoga 2 Hear range of classes practical, effective and accessible to all and I am delighted with the positive response I have received from Yoga 2 Hear customers and the media".



"Sue Fuller is a leading yoga teacher". The Yoga Magazine.

"I first experienced Sue's yoga classes in person when I was living in New Zealand. I've been going to various yoga classes since my early 20's (over 30 years ago!) and found that I just loved Sue's way of teaching. She has such a clear, simple and spacious way of speaking and demonstrating the poses and I always found that I deeply relaxed and was able to bring some subtle but significant adjustments to poses I'd been doing for years. Sue's a beautiful person and a wonderful yoga teacher and I was delighted when I found she had produced some Yoga CD’s and Yoga MP3’s. I love to do my home yoga to her instructions with the soft music background. In fact I find that I do it more often – it’s so much more motivating to follow a CD than to 'make' myself do it alone. Highly recommended!"  Babula Clement, Astrologer, Brisbane, Australia.

"Sue's Yoga 2 Hear classes clearly convey her knowledge, passion and commitment to yoga to all who use them."  Margaret P - NY,NY.

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