A home yoga practice

Your Home PracticeA regular home yoga practice brings so many benefits to our entire being. Yoga promotes a positive healthy attitude and that “feel good feeling”, once these benefits have been discovered yoga can easily become part of our daily routine.   

Experiencing different posture combinations and variations is important to keep the practice fresh, so too is keeping the practice going over time. Yoga 2 Hear classes will provide motivation and a well-balanced, safe, practical and effective guided yoga session that is perfect to help you develop your home yoga practice or you can take them with you and continue your yoga practice wherever you are.

Here are a few tips to help you develop a regular home yoga practice and remain motivated.  Once you find your routine, yoga will easily fit into your day. 

Find a time that works for you - and stick to it. 

Early morning is a great time to practice yoga.  Getting up a little earlier before the rest of the household wake is an easy way to make the time for your regular practice. Make sure that you practice before you eat.  After lying still in bed all night the yoga practice will help to move any stagnant energy, remove toxins, increase vitality and set you up for a fantastic day.

If at any time you struggle to fit a full practice into your morning, try dividing your practice into two halves, performing motivating and energising postures and techniques in the morning and more restorative and relaxing postures in the evening. The Yoga 2 Hear AM-PM Classes are perfect for this situation.

If you do practice in the evening, try to do it at the same time each day, this way the rest of the household will be aware that this is your yoga time.

Avoid external stimuli. 

The whole point of yoga is to engage the mind in the present activity.  It is not possible to commit to, or fully focus on, a yoga practice whilst doing anything else, as the mind will become distracted. If you do become distracted during your yoga practice, bring your attention back to the sound of your breath entering and leaving your body.

Prepare for your practice. 

If you can dive into the shower before your practice, do so. This will help you to reach your mat feeling fresh.

Select practical clothes that will allow you to move freely through your yoga practice.

Roll out your yoga mat in a clean space that is free from clutter and then take a moment to clear your mind.  There is nothing worse than beginning your practice and finding that you become distracted by little jobs that need doing around the house. 

Some is better than none.

We all have busy lives and sometimes it may be tempting to miss a yoga practice because we have a lot to do. If this is the case, even a quick fifteen or thirty minute yoga practice will balance your body and mind and make your day easier to get through.

Sometimes it is a good idea to start your home practice with regular short sessions at the same time each day. As you begin to experience the benefits you might find that your practice will naturally lengthen.

Each of the Yoga 2 Hear Daily Yoga CD’s and downloads contains 5 x 15 minute Yoga classes that are easy to fit into even the busiest of days.

The benefits of a regular home yoga practice. 

  • A regular home yoga practice will help you to connect with yourself and your body on a deeper level.
  • It provides you with the time and space to discover the individual benefits and effects of different postures, techniques and practices.
  • Your mind will become stronger, clearer and more focused on the present moment.
  • Your body will become stronger and more flexible.
  • Your alignment will improve.
  • Your body and mind will hold less tension and stress.
  • Your internal organs and body systems will function more efficiently.
  • You will sleep better.
  • Your energy levels will increase and you will feel healthier and full of vitality.
  • It is an achievement to be self- motivated to follow a practice at home and hopefully this in itself will bring you many psychological benefits.


I wish you well with your home practice. If you have any questions or need any advice at all, just ask, I’m here to help.


Sue Fuller

Sue Fuller

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